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Since last January, when we launched our AI for Health program, we’ve been dedicated to using AI and data science to help improve the health of people and communities worldwide. As we reflect on how the world has changed this past year due to the pandemic, we want to take a moment to shed light on the great work our grantee partners are doing to tackle some of the most difficult health challenges.

Our AI for Health program’s commitment is to empower grantees. To date, we have awarded over 180 grants in four areas of focus, which include accelerating medical research, increasing global health insights, addressing health equity and building research capabilities. Access to Microsoft’s technology such as Azure High Performance Computing, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, Return to School Power Platform solution and the SmartNoise differential privacy platform have accelerated the progress made in grantee research.

Covid-19 research

Shortly after the launch of Microsoft AI for Health, Covid-19 struck, leading to a dramatic shift in the world as we knew it. Recognizing the global impact of this disease, the AI for Health program focus shifted to helping those on the front lines of Covid-19 research including a focus on:

  • Data and insights to inform for people’s safety and economic impacts

  • Treatment and diagnostics, enabling research to further the development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics

  • Allocation of resources, including recommendations on the allocation of limited assets, such as hospital space and medical supplies

  • Dissemination of accurate information to minimize misinformation sharing

  • Scientific research to study and understand Covid-19

Grantees to support this research include a range of disciplines including researchers, academia, policymakers and nonprofits leaders. We’ve awarded more than 150 grants toward their endeavors. Below are the latest grantees whose work is using AI and Azure High-Performance computing in partnership with our AI for Health data scientists and MSR .

Also, for the past 12 months, we’ve created several interactive visualizations to provide transparency into Covid-19 trends globally as part of our pledge to support policymakers and the public.

The latest is a Vaccine Tracking dashboard that tracks toward the U.S. federal goal of 100 million vaccine doses in 100 days and allows for comparisons between U.S. states and countries. The dashboard’s standardized look at the vaccination progress can be explored, synced, saved and shared openly. This dashboard, produced in partnership with the Brown University School of Public Health, pulls from publicly available data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to gather state-level figures on how vaccinations are progressing. Globally, the vaccination data is pulled from Our World in Data. This work builds on other dashboards we’ve created for Covid-19 cases, infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths.

Our grantees inspire and motivate us to continue our commitment and support against some of the world’s most complex health problems. We are humbled by their incredible efforts and honored to be part of their journey.

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